Greeters Core Values

Greeter is an Antananarivo’s inhabitant who whish to share his/her vision of the city and its environment, sometimes far away from traditional touristic path but most of the time nearer to their inhabitants and their way of life.

Greeters will open gates of Madagascan culture, its traditions and believes.

Big Apple Greeters has been founded in New York in 1992 by Lynn Brooks. She wished tourists would see New York as a welcoming city instead of an intimidating one, with its small districts, its shopping good plans, selected addresses to have a dinner… So Lynn has imagined a specific touristic welcome scheme based on meeting with inhabitants.

Strong Core Values , have emerged. You can read them on the International Greeters Associaton Site: Click here.

This concept had a big success and spread in the world. Mid of 2013, 54 Greeters organizations are open and running, in 19 different countries. These organizations are part of an international network, the International Greeters Association, since 2005.

This network enables Greeters to exchange on their experiences and expertises and to be sure everyone do respect our Greeters values.